Full-stack remote dedicated engineering teams, scalable by the requirement.

Deliverables that overcome your expectations

We use demanding internal standards on Aurora TechLab to guarantee timely and high-quality project delivery.

We guarantee compliance with the delivery terms and agreed budget.

We work on each product as on our own business

We created an environment to motivate developers to work on the projects as on their own business.

Lined-up processes of project estimation and software development, transparent communications.

98% of users love mobile apps developed by Aurora

We share our clients’ intention to create mobile applications that involve users in products, love them, and become brand advocates.

Services we provide

Mobile App Consulting

We apply our experience in data analytics, business development, design, and application development, to deeply understand your business needs, plan the future mobile application architecture, and provide you with detailed recommendations on the digital solution.

Branded App Design

Our UI/UX designers will help you create a product that users will love to use! The better your users' experience, the successfully your business. Designers match applications with a brand to make a recognizable surrounding.

PoC and MVP development

We transform early ideas into a ready-to-use application. Our engineers help to validate multiple ideas like architecture, frameworks, features, get early feedback from end-users to prove the solution's feasibility.

Mobile App Development

We will help you build a new mobile application from scratch or rebuild the existing one. Our development team is skilled in native application development (for Android, iOS) and cross-platform (hybrid) mobile application development (Flutter, React Native).

Backend Development

We develop secure and stable-working backends and further integrate them with your mobile app.

Testing Q/A

We held functionality, performance, usability testing for mobile applications to reduce user experience errors. We will deliver any type of application testing to ensure the high quality of your application(s).

App Support

We provide application support along the product life cycle. Aurora team implemented a continuous integration practice that minimizes the delivery terms and costs, making the app support convenient for both our clients and end-users.

Mobile App Upgrade

Our team will help you with fine-tuning your mobile applications and enhancing their functionality to help you improve your mobile app user experience. We’ll assist you in modernizing your apps to greatly boost their performance.

Trusted Digital Partner by Upwork rating and Clutch.



E-commerce & Retail

Application: retail pharmacy chain, chain of food stores, health & beauty stores, mass-market retail

Healthcare & fitness

Application: laboratory and clinical testing, medical and fitness devices, electronic health records

Entertainment & Music

Application: social networks, hubs of books, photos, videos, music

Trusted Digital Partner by Upwork rating and Clutch.
Mobile Development
Cross platform App Development
Mobile development consulting and business analysis
Reengineering of existing mobile applications
  • E-commerce
  • Finance and insurance
  • Healthcare and fitness
  • Entertainment 

Aurora Techlab Technology Stack


  • Engineering team: 8+
  • Projects: 25+
  • Avg. customer rating: 9.4 /10


  • Engineering team:7+
  • Projects: 25+
  • Avg. customer rating: 9.3 /10

Laravel (PHP)

  • Engineering team: 5+
  • Projects: 15+
  • Avg. customer rating: 9.4 /10


  • Engineering team: 5+
  • Projects: 15+
  • Avg. customer rating: 9.3 /10

React Native

  • Engineering team: 2+
  • Projects: 2+
  • Avg. customer rating: 9.1 /10


  • Engineering team: 2+
  • Projects: 3+
  • Avg. customer rating: 8.7 /10


  • Engineering team: 8+
  • Projects: 10+
  • Avg. customer rating: 9.3 /10

PoC and MVP

  • Engineering team: 8+
  • Projects: 10+
  • Avg. customer rating: 9.2 /10

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